The UBE (Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy) technique is a surgical procedure developed more than 10 years ago in South Korea by Dr. Song.

It is an endoscopic technique performed through two small incisions (about 10mm each).

This coblation technology, gently and precisely removes the targeted tissues by low-temperature chemical process, without burning tissues in process.

This makes it possible to work safely even near neurological structures.

The technique makes it possible to perform all types of spinal surgeries, e.g. lumbar and cervical disc herniation, narrow lumbar canal and lumbar arthrodesis; and is a significant contribution to the patients’ care management.

Below you can learn about some of proven benefits of the UBE technique:

  • Decreased rate of infection and bleeding
  • Very low postsurgical pain (outpatient surgery)
  • Minimal muscle disintegration that leads to much faster recovery

That UBE technique became extremely popular in Asia due to many advantages it offers to patients.

The first surgery on herniated spine discs were performed at the Clinique du Palais in Grasse on March 10, 2020.

All endoscopic surgeries are performed by UBE technique at the Clinique du Palais and Oxford clinique, Cannes.

Dr. Challali has performed series of more than 1300 UBE surgeries that making him the most experienced surgeon of UBE technique across the Europe.

He has trained surgical specialists from many countries including Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and Italy.

Also Dr. Challali participates in numerous international conferences around the world.

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